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CHSS In Scope commodities:

At CHSS the in-scope sourcing groupings are Medical/Surgical Supplies, Services, General Supplies, Implants, Laboratory Supplies, Nutrition Supplies, Office Supplies and Pharmaceutical Suppliers. Our main focus is to address the Medical/Surgical and Service contracts. Our approach is generally to propose to our hospitals to commit to contracts issued by HealthPRO as a first option. We will consider managing a competitive process as a region (CHSS members) or join other SSO's in order to go market collaboratively, if the commodity is more complex or if a national strategy is not preferable. Note that CHSS hospitals have Procurement departments and also issue competitive processes.

If the Operations Committee decides that an out of scope commodity should be managed by CHSS for either financial or other benefits, CHSS will address it and the concluding agreement will become in-scope in future years.