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Regional Software Solution (GHX)

The regional software solution selected by CHSS is the GHX suite of tools which includes:
  • Spend Analytics including consumption, usage, and pricing reports.
  • Centralized Item eCatalog, containing the item master and vendor master, and maintained through electronic updates from contracted GPOs, and other vendors as much as possible.
  • Contract Management capabilities such as centralized contracts, GPO contract and pricing updates.
  • Regional purchasing history including regional consumption and usage.
  • Reporting capability for service performance reports, vendor management, contract compliance.
  • Ability to be remotely accessible for sourcing specialists from across the hospitals in the region.
  • Interfaces to the local hospital systems feeding item and vendor master into the local system, and collecting purchase history information from the local system.
  • Interfaces to contact GPOs (and through GHX, to other vendors) to support the import of regional item master information.

The GHX solution is a single, completely integrated offering, which addresses the end to end strategic sourcing cycle, from opportunity identification to contract execution and ongoing performance management.