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What We Do
CHSS’s main responsibilities fall under four categories: Contract Management, Monitoring and Reporting, Providing strategic sourcing expertise and Vendor Management.

1. Contract Management:
Manage and monitor CHSS Member Agreements and assist hospital members with issue resolution. Hold regular business reviews for continuous improvement. Maintain a contract database on GHX CCXpert identifying suppliers, term, renewal options and expiry dates to ensure continued coverage of product and service delivery to the Members;
Conduct a competitive tendering process for new and replacement supplies and services, respecting BPS Procurement Directive requirements. Negotiate a supply or service agreement with the successful respondent(s);

Determine the extension, modification, termination of agreements, and present any necessary documentation for the Member’s signature according to the Member’s own by-laws or signing authority policies;
Work closely with hospital members to transfer business to HealthPRO as a mean to increase standardization within the region and attain financial and quality benefits for the Member. Investigate and recommend collaboration opportunities.

2. Monitor and report on performance achievement against Service Levels. Establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and other performance indicators and make the information available to members through GHX Provider Intelligence.

3. Provide advice and recommendations on all sourcing activities.
4. Conduct Vendor management that allows CHSS to build a relationship with our suppliers and service providers that will strengthen both businesses.